Important Tips For An Office Romance

Unfortunately, you can’t choose where love falls. Because you spend a lot of time at work, there’s a high probability that you’ll fall in love with a colleague. This could become a problem for some companies because office romance is not welcomed everywhere.

Tips for dealing with love in the office

Know the rulesticket to work

Find out what rules your company has in place regarding workplace relationships. The company regulations can provide you with clues for this. If not, look for similar documents concerning the rules and general conditions of working with your employer. If you cannot find any information on this, the only option is to go to the HR department or to a member of the works council. These contacts are probably best placed to tell you how the company handles such matters and what you may need to be aware of.

Human Resources (HR) also handles programs such as the ticket to work program and self-sufficiency program. These programs aim to provide Social Security disability benefits for employees to become self-sufficient in cases where accidents happen that they are no longer able to provide the usual service for the company.

Remain professional at all times

One of the most important rules concerns your appearance and your reputation as a serious employee. Don’t let your feelings distract you from work, and don’t use every free second to drop by your loved one’s office. Remain discreet and don’t get caught making out in the canteen, as this may diminish your standing in the professional world.

Be clear about your intentions

Whether falling in love will actually result in a long-term partnership or whether it will be a short affair, no one involved knows at the beginning. Still, try to be clear about your intentions. If the infatuation turns into a short adventure, then you should keep your hands off it, because such an office flirt is not worth the risk of a career break. On the other hand, if you agree that your colleague could be the love of your life, then it is worth daring a relationship. But think twice before risking your job and industry reputation for a brief fling.

Establish boundaries

Discuss with your colleague which rules you both want to observe in your everyday work. By setting clear boundaries, you can both keep your professional side. Lovebirds in love who stare at each other all day and can’t keep their hands off each other can quickly become the number one topic of conversation for the rest of the staff. Clear boundaries such as: “No kissing at work or no discussions and private quarrels in the office” can help you to deal with this situation professionally.