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Trip And Towing: Why India Is Your Next Romance Destination

The wanderlust beats in you like a migraine. Are you longing for romance, exoticism, anything but everyday life? Then your destination is India. It is the absolutely one of the romantic travel destinations. There is so much to see. So drive your car and head to the airport for your romantic trip. However, if you on your way, you need roadside assistance, Santa Clara towing can be the ideal team to contact. They can help with a jumpstart, gasoline, a tire change, a car lockout, or even battery replacement.

Reasons that put India at the top of the list of absolute romance destinations


In the middle of the northern Indian Thar Desert, this mighty fortress towers into the sky. It looks like it was stolen from a fairy tale book. Its walls are the color of the desert, its towers are clumsy as if built by giant children in a sandbox.

During the day you stroll through the old town, visiting the lavishly decorated temples and the ancient haveli houses, once built by caravan merchants and symbols of their former wealth.


Romance is the order of the day here. Due to the pink color of the old town houses, Jaipur has the nickname “Pink City”.

A stroll through the unique building, whose splendor is said to be reminiscent of the crown of the god Krishna, will be unforgettable for you.

The extensive facilities of the Ram Niwa Park in the south of Jaipur with the Central Museum in its center promise peace and shade before you use the cooler evening hours for a stroll through the bazaars.

Havelock Island

Ever thought of going scuba diving in India? It’s just as colorful and diverse under the water as it is above it. Havelock Island, part of the Andaman Islands, is ideal for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A coral reef with one of the greatest biodiversity in the world, a pristine coastline with dense jungle beyond and colorful marine life give the island paradise a well-deserved reputation as a unique eco-destination with fantastic diving and snorkeling grounds.

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Taj Mahal

Of course the country’s landmark should not be missing from the list of India’s romantic places: the Taj Mahal. It is a great monument to an even greater love. This marvel from the time of the Indian Mughal Emperors shines on the banks of the Yamuna River near Agra.

It’s one of those places that you can have seen a thousand times in photos but when you stand in front of it, everything is very different. It is bigger, more impressive, and more beautiful.